Posted in News & Updates, on 11/22/2015

Trōv Update: Archive!

In Trōv's latest update, we’re excited to bring Archive, a user-requested feature, to life.

Trōv’s latest iOS and Android updates are here, and we’re excited to bring Archive, a user-requested feature, to life.

Check out Trōv Archive for iOS:

Archive allows you to keep track of things you previously owned. You can view your archived items inventory, and manage it by choosing to delete items entirely, or to bring them back to your current My Trōv item list.

Check out Trōv Archive for Android:

We’ve also added some snazzy new design updates to your photo gallery and “My Trōv” home screen. You can now easily browse your things by swiping between category views.

On top of these new features, you’ll also experience Trōv at its speediest and smoothest yet, as we’ve implemented performance improvements and knocked out some bugs.

Want to try out the new updates? Head over to the App Store and Google Play to download now!

Your feedback fuels Trov, so let us know what you think and request new features you’d like to see next.

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